The Project

EXOplanetary dynamics and stability: Reverse Engineering of STable multi-planet ARchitecTures (EXO-RESTART)

The project aims to homogeneously re-analyze the observed statistical and physical characteristics of all literature, and newly discovered multi-planet systems. The immediate objective is to perform the first homogeneous dynamical modeling of high-precision Doppler (RV) and transit photometry data consistent with multiple-planet systems and apply extensive long-term stability analysis to reveal the current dynamical architecture. The ultimate goal of EXO-RESTART is to conduct planet migration and planet-planet scattering simulations to probe the formation mechanisms of high-order mean motion resonance (MMR) systems, eccentric multiple-planet systems, and circumprimary planets in close binary systems, which are currently poorly studied. These analyses will reveal the primordial planet-disk conditions needed to assemble the observed planetary architectures.



This work is supported by the “EXO-RESTART” project, funded under the Bulgarian National Science Fund program “VIHREN-2021” project No. KP-06-DV/5.