The Exo-Striker

Transit and Radial Velocity Interactive Fitting tool for Orbital analysis and N-body simulations: The Exo-Striker

The Exo-Striker offers a broad range of tools for detailed orbital analysis of transit, Doppler (RV), and astrometric data. It includes power-spectrum period-search analysis for Doppler and transit data; Keplerian and dynamical modeling of multi-planet systems; Bayesian analysis (MCMC and nested sampling); Gaussian Processes modeling; and numerical N-body long-term stability check of multi-planet systems. The Exo-Striker can also perform Mean Motion Resonance (MMR) analysis, create fast, fully interactive plots, and export ready-to-use LaTeX tables with best-fit parameters, errors, and statistics. It combines Fortran efficiency and Python flexibility and is cross-platform compatible (MAC OS, Linux, Windows).